Fabio Antonelli is an Italian music composer born in Rome. He has composed and produced music for films, TV, theater and photo exhibitions  in Italy, the USA and mainland China.

His career as a musician began at a very young age when he started playing guitar and piano.Since then, his love of music has led him to learn many different instruments, including the bass guitar, drums, sitar, and accordion. He studied jazz and played in a big band in Denver, CO where he lived.



After his return to Italy, Antonelli started writing music for the theater and then for movies. He also created soundtracks to accompany photo exhibitions. In 2010 he composed original music for the pictures of the well known photographer, Steve McCurry.

In 2012 he moved to Beijing, China where he composed music for the Chinese state TV network CCTV.

He is now back working as a freelance composer and artist in Rome, Italy.